Cleanse Pack w/ Nature's Tea

Cleanse Pack w/ Nature's Tea

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Your overall well-being largely depends on the functioning of your digestive system. It can also impact your skin and your appearance. You can consume Cleanse w/ Nature’s Tea, a natural supplement to take care of your digestive tract. Also, check out our other Unicity products to support other health concerns.


  • The all natural cleansing Cleanse w/ Nature’s Tea will support your digestive system by cleaning and detoxifying your digestive tract
  • Consuming it is an initial step towards achieving weight loss goals
  • It will nurture your body
  • It will enhance how you look and feel
  • It will supply efficacious amounts of herbs and botanicals
  • It will take only a month to see great results
  • It will remove toxic bacteria and harmful micro-organisms


Unicity Cleanse involves a month-long procedure of cleaning the digestive tract by removing toxic bacteria and harmful micro-organisms. The key factor in Unicity Cleanse is improving digestive regularity. Three science-based Unicity products are involved in the procedure. They are as follows:

    • U LiFiber helps clear toxin and waste from the colon
    • U Paraway Plus aids in the eradication of pathogenic organisms
    • U Nature's Tea promotes regularity with a gentle laxative effect. An option to U Nature's Tea is U Aloe Vera

Unicity LiFiber

The soluble and insoluble fibers when digested creates a viscous gel. This gel traps waste and toxins and causes them to be transmitted out of the body.

Unicity Paraway Plus

This is a patented herbal blend product with anti-parasitic, antimicrobial and antifungal qualities. Harmful organisms are eliminated from the digestive tract by the action of these qualities.

Unicity Nature's Tea

The colon and intestines are cleansed by various herbs including a blend of senna leaf, buckthorn and peppermint.

Suggested Dose and Use

  • Take the entire pack of three products over a 30 day period, two times yearly.
  • Read the instructions written in each product. Also, refer to the calendar.


  • Studies point out that 90% of all diseases in America relate to an unhealthy colon. Some common health issues including headaches, bad breath, fatigue, skin blemishes and joint distress can be linked to a congested colon.
  • Colon and bowel problems are highly responsible for early aging. The backup of waste in the colon becomes toxic, thereby causing toxins to be released into the bloodstream.



      • The toxic load is lightened on all parts of the body
      • Most healing programs will not work without a colon cleanse
      • The cells are where real healing takes place
      • Cells are fed nutrients by way of the blood stream from the colon
      • A clean colon means toxins are kept out of the blood stream

The significance of fiber is the aid it provides in cleansing the digestion system and moving food through it easily and quickly.