We have been an authorized UNICITY International Franchise Owner since 2000, supplying revolutionary Unicity health care products to our customers. These products are the latest natural products controlling cholesterol and blood sugar plus a number of other health issues.

We are committed to providing the best in information relating to health, products and customer service. Our goal is to help reduce the detrimental effects of such health issues as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and excess weight.

Tremendous strides have been made in reducing the problem of overweight and obesity with the UNICITY TRANSFORMATION program.

These diseases represent the #1, #3 and #5 causes of death in America today.

About Fred Arndt - owner of this site.

I am enjoying a healthy life style today as a result of various Unicity products. It wasn’t always like that. I had quadruple bypass surgery in 1995. This was followed up by the addition of a stent being installed four years later. Following the insertion of the stent, I was prescribed the Zocor statin drug.

I went looking for a better solution for my health. The Zocor drug was replaced by the ‘Unicity Balance-Cholesterol’  product to lower my LDL, raise the HDL and lower the Triglycerides.

My LIPID numbers changed for the better. The total cholesterol was lowered to 162 from over 200, LDL lowered to 97, HDL raised to 55 and triglycerides lowered to 51. The resulting risk ratio of TC/HDL was less than 2.95 with 4.00 being excellent.

The ‘Cellular Essential Pack’ (another Unicity product) was added to my supplemental diet to keep my arteries, stent and bypass free from blockages. “I have enjoyed excellent health over the ensuing years supported by the Unicity products. I expect it to continue long into the future".

Due to the excellent results I experienced with the above products, sold on this web site, we are making them available to you along with 30+ other Unicity products that support the cardiovascular systems, heart health, blood sugar control and weight management.

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